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What does it mean and take to run online distance education courses? - Olugbemiro JEGEDE Centre for Research in Distance & Adult Learning The Open University of Hong Kong
A Keynote paper presented at the 14th Australian International Education Conference on Towards 2001: An Education Odyssey, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland, 8 – 11 August 2000

Managing Cultural Difference in defence of the public interest: Universities and Business - a new partnership?
Carolyn Allport - President - National Tertiary Education Union - Australia
Paper prepared for conference "The Higher Education Enterprise: Partners, Profits and Politics", National Education Association, Higher Education Conference, San Diego March 2-4, 2001

The Distance Learning Agenda: University Organization and the Changing Nature of Work In Post-Secondary Institutions
Bruce Pennycook, D. M. A., Vice-Principal for Information Systems and Technology, McGill University, March 25, 2007